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Today I was listening to the Hanselminutes show about .NET 3.5 SP1...What's inside, and they twice mentioned the Office 2007-like Ribbon control that is included in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1.

I am very interested about this, as I was previously looking at purchasing this from a 3rd party vendor (likely DevComponent's DotNetBar). However, I did some research this morning and have found nothing about this control being included for use with C# and WPF. Does anyone know more about the included Ribbon control and whether or not it is available for C# or WPF?

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Yeah I did a double-take when I heard them say that too.

The ribbon control, along with a DatePicker and DataGrid, are being developed out of band over here on CodePlex. I'm not sure why Carl and Scott were suggesting that it was part of the SP1 release.

Vincent Sibal posts about DataGrid (which is available already in some form) on his blog.

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As of October, they've finally released a WPF Ribbon Preview! – YeahStu Oct 30 '08 at 13:56

It was in VS 2008 as part of a C++/MFC update. I'm not sure about C#/WPF.

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A preview of the WPF Ribbon control was released last week, you can find here

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You might also want to give a look at Phil Wright's excellent Krypton products range. It includes an excellent Ribbon component. (It's a WinForms component, not WPF).

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