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At least for my purposes, it is absolutely essential that a Contributor be unable to edit his posts once they've been scheduled to be published, as well as actually published.

This seems like it should be simple because otherwise in a system with a lot of users a malicious user could slip under the radar with a sketchy post by first submitting an innocuous one and then right before it is scheduled to be published, edit it.

None of the role-editing plugins I've tried seem to have this functionality.

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You need to create a filter function add hook it.

You may want to read "WordPress tip: Allow contributors to upload files" at to get an idea.

The filter hook you'll need is the "format_to_edit" hook. Please refer to for details.

That filter hook isn't what you want. Let me think about it.

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From your first link and from the API reference, I think I understand how to use these hooks. I still don't understand how they help me, though. Thanks for your reply. – danielpcox Aug 5 '10 at 1:23

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