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I'm starting Macintosh development and I'm in a Microsoft shop where we're using Team Foundation Server.

I've learned that there's no explicit/official TFS client for any non-Windows platform, and that the best option is to use Team Explorer Everywhere, formerly Teamprise (Microsoft bought them and rebranded it) and either the command-line client or the Eclipse plugin. There's no Xcode plugin because, as revealed in this question, Apple doesn't give out enough info to be able to integrate into Xcode. That answer was given by someone who appears to be part of Teamprise (the question was asked before the Microsoft acquisition it seems.)

Fair enough, but one comment he made intrigued me:

That said, we do have a number of customers who ... have macros inside XCode that perform basic check-out and get operations in-conjunction with the TFS command line (tf).

Has anyone here done this? And if so is there anything they can share with the group?

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I haven't done this myself. But you should be able to use SVNBridge with your Mac to TFS (Install SVNBridge on either the TFS server or another Windows machine.)

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Mathew is correct that you should be able to use any SVN or Mercurial client with TFS using the Bridge. –  MrHinsh Aug 11 '10 at 22:08

I don't know if this answer is helpful or dispiriting - it suggests that you'd be heading down the Applescript route.


If I was going to do it, I'd use Applescript to trigger a shell script (presuming 'tf' is a Unix commandline utility for accessing a tf server).

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