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In the following example,

before_filter :foo
before_filter :bar
before_filter :wah
prepend_before_filter :heehee
prepend_before_filter :haha

so then the execution orders will be:

haha, heehee, foo, bar, wah?   <-- note that haha is actually before heehee

And is there a reason not to list haha and heehee first in the first place but actually use prepend?

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To my knowledge this is to solve class inheritance where you cannot define the order of the before_filter:

ApplicationController < ActionController::Base    
  before_filter :do_this_first    

SomeController < ApplicationController    
  before_filter :do_this_second

Here, neither of the methods defined will have preference unless you use a prepend_before_filter.

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Looks like prepend_filter, in a queue of before_filters, it adds a filter in front of the queue. Hence, last come, first served.

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