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I have a YAML file that I'm using as sort of a config file. It ooks like this,

    - category: some_category
          - name: hello
            key1: value1
            key2: value2

          - name: hithere
            key1: value1
            key2: value2

I want to do something like this:

for all tests as test:
  print test.name + test.key1

I have looked at JYaml and SnakeYaml but all they seem to do is map from YAML to Java objects. Is YAML not the right job for this? Is there a simple way to achieve this? all I need is to iterate through and get the values of each, kind of like a DOM traversal.

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Well I figured it out. I am using YamlBeans, which provides methods for this: http://yamlbeans.sourceforge.net/

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SnakeYAML can parse it with 2 lines: Yaml yaml = new Yaml(); yaml.load(document); What are the methods in YamlBeams which are not available in SnakeYAML ? –  Andrey Aug 6 '10 at 12:44
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