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I've been interested in Visual Programming Languages (VPL) for a while. However I've hardly seen any environments that can be used for practical projects such as Windows apps or web services.

I've heard of the following:

Are there any other VPL environments that generate executable programs and can be used for practical applications?

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I don't know if it is practical enough for you but you can have a look at Thyrd, which was recently featured in the last Emerging Languages conference:

It is not just yet another visual stuff, there is really something there

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Probably a bit too late for this answer, but I'm interested in the same thing and for anyone else might read this and find it useful. Here is a new one just for creating windows applications, it's called Korduene, however beware it is alpha just now.

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Yahoo Pipes has a somehow limited scope, but I suppose it is one of the more popular examples of visual programming tools that are really used in practice.

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DRAKON Editor It generates code for compilation or interpretetion, not actual executable. It it supports visual programming in several programming languages, including Java,, D, C#, C/C++ (with Qt support), Python, Tcl, Javascript, Lua and Erlang. Why to use DRAKON than other diagramming systems?

  • No line intersections. You will never find in DRAKON diagram two or more lines intersecting each other! Not seen in other diagramming systems!
  • Silhouette structure. It allows to break one diagram in to several logical parts. Not seen in other diagramming systems!
  • No slanting or curved lines. Only straight lines with right angles.
  • Icons are placed only on vertical lines.
  • Branching is done in a simple, visible and consistent way.
  • Each diagram has one entry and one exit.

More about DRAKON here:

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i recomend Outsystems for .net/java , it´s a great app Outsystems

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You may have a look at the WPF based TUM.CMS.VPLControl

enter image description here

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