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For the longest time I've used jQuery to hack together web sites. Now I'm interested in making a web application (one page load for the entire site to function, like Gmail).

Are there any jQuery Frameworks or practices that I can leverage to build my application so I don't have to recreate the wheel, or hack something together as I go?


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Since jQuery is a JavaScript library, you can leverage on the frameworks that already exist for JavaScript. I.e.… –  Gert Grenander Aug 3 '10 at 0:04

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One of the (not so) many options is JavascriptMVC, which is pretty cool and I've used it for one midium-size project.

It's website is pretty discouraging, but give it a chance and watch the video. One possitive aspect is that it's creator always answers really fast in JMVC's google group.

But, actually, if I had to remake the project I mentioned, I would not use it, as jQuery provides (almost) all JMVC's functionality, you just have to get used to it. For an example in how to handle big apps with jQuery, I would recommend you to watch this video between others of Alex Sexton and other members of the yayQuery podcast.

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Great answer! I concur! I also have an article on the subject on scriptjunkie - –  Alex Sexton Aug 3 '10 at 18:59

I honestly don't know how someone could say jQuery provides almost all of JMVC's functionality. Yes, you can do a lot of similar things with jQuery, but you would have to write it an maintain it yourself.

Here's a quick list of what JavaScriptMVC provides that jQuery does not: (read more of them at

  • Dependency Management
  • Building / Compression
  • Logging
  • Organized Folder Structures
  • Package Management
  • Code Cleaning
  • Functional Testing
  • Client Side Templates
  • A bunch of delegatable special events (drag-drop, hover, resize, etc)
  • A bunch of dom utilities
  • Language Extensions
  • An awesome widget factory
  • Documentation
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Have you looked into Sammy.js? It's an mvc framework built on JQuery and is very beginner friendly.

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