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Can any one post some links that help me in learning WebObjects with eclipse?

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Definitively THE source for al WebObjects and Eclipse/Wolips :

You can also suscribe to the webobjects-dev mailing list.

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Thanks frederic.jesker – Raviraja Aug 4 '10 at 4:47

Use the following 2 links for a great source of information:

Also as a good if slightly dated basic WebObjects reference Chucks Hill's "Practical WebObjects" is a good primer on some core webobjects concepts.

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If you have a copy of Ravi Mendis book or the Wrox book, you can get a copy of the examples as Eclipse/WOLips project here :

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Just in case someone find this thread: a new book have been published, and it's the only printed books with references to WOLips and Project Wonder. The book is "Learning the Wonders",

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