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Is there a way I can setup nginx to serve static content from static.example.com - without having to modify all my php files to reflect where to get the images from?

I was hoping there was some trick I can do in the nginx conf files.

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this probably belongs on ServerFault, but I think you're looking for something like this:

rewrite ^(/assets/)(.*)$ http://static.example.com/$2 permanent;

So if your PHP files refer to a file /assets/images/background.png, the calls to that file will be directed to static.example.com/images/background.png

Hope this helps!

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Good answer, but that will only redirect requests. I.e., the browser will still be served links to www.example.com/assets/*, but upon requesting them, will be told that they have moved permanently to static.example.com. – Daniel James Jan 5 at 16:45

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