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I need to know which specific classes the anchor (which triggered the fancybox) has to do some more action wie the "onComplete"-function.

How do I get the trigger as jQuery-Object? $(this) seams to refer to the fancybox itself with no link to the original trigger.


    var trigger = $(this);
        'href' : this.href,
        'onComplete' : function() {
            if (trigger.hasClass('specific_class')) {
                //do something
            } else {
                //do something else or nothing
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Try something like:

       var trigger = this;
           href : this.href,
           onComplete : function() {
               if ( $(trigger).is(".someClass") ) {
                  // ...
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Works like a charm, only thing to add is an event.preventDefault() so that the browser won't follow the link. Thank you! –  Tim Aug 3 '10 at 12:44

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