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public string Translate(string OriginalEngText, string stringToTranslate, string fromLanguage, string toLanguage)
            // make sure that the passed string is not empty or null
            if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(stringToTranslate))
                // per google's terms of use, we can only translate
                // a string of up to 5000 characters long
                if (stringToTranslate.Length <= 5000)
                    const int bufSizeMax = 65536;
                    const int bufSizeMin = 8192;

                      //   // by default format? is text.  so we don't need to send a format? key

                      string requestUri = "http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/services/language/translate?v=1.0&q=" +

                                        stringToTranslate + "&langpair=" +

                                           fromLanguage + "%7C" + toLanguage;

                        // execute the request and get the response stream
                            HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(requestUri);
                            HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
                            Stream responseStream = response.GetResponseStream();

                        // get the length of the content returned by the request
                        int length = (int)response.ContentLength;
                        int bufSize = bufSizeMin;
                        if (length > bufSize)
                            bufSize = length > bufSizeMax ? bufSizeMax : length;

                        // allocate buffer and StringBuilder for reading response

                        byte[] buf = new byte[bufSize];
                        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(bufSize);

                        // read the whole response
                        while ((length = responseStream.Read(buf, 0, buf.Length)) != 0)
                            sb.Append(Encoding.UTF8.GetString(buf, 0, length));

                        // the format of the response is like this

                        // {"responseData": {"translatedText":"¿Cómo estás?"}, "responseDetails": null, "responseStatus": 200}

                        // so now let's clean up the reponse by manipulating the string

                        string translatedText = sb.Remove(0, 36).ToString();
                        // Console.WriteLine("translatedText:" + translatedText);
                        translatedText = translatedText.Substring(0, translatedText.IndexOf("\"},"));

                            StreamWriter sw1 = new StreamWriter(File.Open(@"C:\SPeeDPackSAP\translatedText.txt", FileMode.Append));
                            sw1.WriteLine("translatedText:" + translatedText);

                        return translatedText;

                    catch (Exception e)
                        // Console.WriteLine("e.Message:" + e.Message);
                        //   Console.WriteLine("e.StackTrace:" + e.StackTrace);
                        return OriginalEngText;//"Cannot get the translation.  Please try again later.";




                        StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(File.Open(@"C:\SPeeDPackSAP\translatedTextelse.txt", FileMode.Append));
                        sw.WriteLine("OriginalEngText:" + OriginalEngText);

                    return OriginalEngText;// "String to translate must be less than 5000 characters long.";




                return OriginalEngText; //"String to translate is empty.";




this code use for translate one language to another but in response it is giving -1 which is default.... so plz give any suggestions

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You really expect people to read through badly formatted code? At least make the effort to make it readable and clean. There is a preview after all. –  Oded Aug 3 '10 at 9:13
Ctrl-K, D in Visual Studio. Also, please take the time and use the debugger to step through your code and inspect variables to see if they contain what you think they contain. –  tdammers Aug 3 '10 at 9:15

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