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i want to know how remote desktop softer is done on windows os. (low level technical stuff)

  • where is the best way to "hook" the gui from server host, and send it via tcp to client. so that client can see remote desktop.
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There are two major procedures:


As Im0rtality said above, a mirror driver is one of the most efficient ways to perform screen capture, because a mirror driver actually invalidates the need for screen capture. A mirror driver is named as such, because it mirrors screen drawing operations. So anything you see changed on the screen is automatically mirrored onto the mirror driver's own surface in memory.

Capture now becomes a simple task of unmarshalling memory to an bitmap.


Tcp or Udp, yeah. Preferably Udp though, to facilitate Udp hole punching, if necessary: most computers can't just connect to one another on the Internet anymore due to complex NAT configurations. Udp is also more preferable because your task is to stream a user's screen, which means that it's ok to lose data or receive corrupted data as long as the next incoming stream of data can update that screen region. Tcp would stale your newest data while re-transmitting old data that was corrupted, even though that data doesn't matter anymore.

I've spent some time browsing through how to make a remote desktop software, and I've made a sort of proof of concept at: Screen transfer is already working (sending keystrokes and mouse clicks are not yet working). Studying the source may answer other questions you have.

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