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What is the meaning of comma in the following SQL statement (using MySQL)?

[...] LIKE '%,cat233,%'

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You need to accept previous answers before asking new. You have already asked 7n questions and newer accepts answers. –  antyrat Aug 3 '10 at 10:37

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Aren't the commas just part of the string to be matched? e.g. "fred,bill,cat233,joe,harry" would match.

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checking for cat233 which is in comma separated values.

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You are right, although using CSV inside a database cell is horrible design, plus it's slow (string searching). For some reason, people insist on implementing it instead of a 1-to-n table. –  Piskvor Aug 3 '10 at 10:46

It has no special meaning. It just look for string ,cat233, with 0 or more character in front and 0 or more character after it.

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Looks like it would just match the comma as well; so:


"My text,cat233,some other stuff"
"My text ,cat233, some other stuff"
"My text,cat233,"

Doesn't match:

"My text cat233 some other stuff"
"My text cat233, some other stuff"
"My text, cat233, some other stuff"
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