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need to replace <wiki>this page</wiki> to <a href='wiki/this_page'>this page</a>
using callback function:

text = text.replace(/<wiki>(.+?)<\/wiki>/g, function(match)
        return "<a href='wiki/"+match.replace(/ /g, '_')+"'>"+match+"</a>";

result is that tag <wiki> is preserved (full match) - <a href='wiki/<wiki>this_page</wiki>'><wiki>this page</wiki></a>

Is there a way to get matches[0], matches[1] as in PHP's preg_replace_callback()?

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The replace function's callback takes the matches as parameters.

For example:

text = text.replace(/<wiki>(.+?)<\/wiki>/g, function(match, contents, offset, s)
        return "<a href='wiki/"+contents.replace(/ /g, '_')+"'>"+contents+"</a>";

(The second parameter is the first capture group)

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working. now i know were the JavaScript reference is –  Qiao Aug 3 '10 at 11:12

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