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Normally, if I want to pass arguments from $myarray to $somefunction I can do this in php using

call_user_func_array($somefunction, $myarray);

However this does not work when the function one wishes to call is the constructor for an object. For fairly obvious reasons it does not work to do:

$myobj = new call_user_func_array($classname, $myarray);

is there something fairly elegant that does work ?

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You can use the Reflection API:


$reflector = new ReflectionClass('Foo');
$foo = $reflector->newInstanceArgs(array('foo', 'bar'));
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In PHP 5.6 you can also use argument unpacking via the ... or splat operator : php.net/manual/en/… –  jhuet Jun 13 at 12:28

Or, if you have control over the class being called, you could just pass the array directly? (EDIT: Although, yes, this obviously doesn't split the array into separate arguments in the way call_user_func_array() does.)

$myObj = new $classname($myArray);
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