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As I said in title when i build ear the artifacts (wars and ejbs) are copied inside ear but the APP-INF/lib is missing, and i don't know what could be the reason.

This is a part of pom.xml:



Also i should say that in /contentEar folder there are only application.xml and manifest files.

Please if you have an idea about this, help me...

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And what should Maven put in APP-INF/lib? What is the expected result? From the documentation:

Advanced Configuration


Please note that third party libraries (i.e. JarModule) are not included in the generated application.xml (only ejb-client should be included in a java entry). However, a jar dependency could be included in the generated application.xml by specifying the includeInApplicationXml flag.

It is also possible to specify a default bundle directory for all third party libraries by specifying the defaultLibBundleDir parameter.

But I don't see any jarModule in your configuration. Did you maybe declare some JAR libraries as dependencies? Please clarify.

The following post might also help:

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Thanks for posing i did not defined any jar modules, i expect that APP-INF/lib to be filled having something like transitive dependencys... i have as dependency defined only the war and ejb jar artifacts. –  user398920 Aug 3 '10 at 11:52

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