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How i can set a default value using select_tag, and how can i keep the options open on page load

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If you are using select_tag without any other helper, then you can do it in html:

select_tag "whatever", "<option>VISA</option><option selected=\"selected\">MasterCard</option>"

Or with options_for_select:

select_tag "whatever", options_for_select([ "VISA", "MasterCard" ], "MasterCard")

Or with options_from_collection_for_select:

select_tag "people", options_from_collection_for_select(@people, 'id', 'name', '1')

Examples are from select_tag doc, options_for_select doc and from options_from_collection_for_select doc.

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another option (in case you need to add data attributes or other)

= content_tag(:select) do
  - for a in array
    option data-url=a.url selected=(a.value == true) a.name
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For options_for_select

<%= select_tag("products_per_page", options_for_select([["20",20],["50",50],["100",100]],params[:per_page].to_i),{:name => "products_per_page"} ) %>

For options from collection for select

<%= select_tag "category","<option value=''>Category</option>" +  options_from_collection_for_select(@store_categories, "id", "name",params[:category].to_i)%>

Note that the selected value which you are specifying must be of type value. i.e. if value is in integer format then selected value parameter should also be integer.

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