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I have one big problem with merging - it falls on start with strange message: "Server sent unexpected return value (401 Authorization Required) in responce to PROPFIND request for '/svn/autogroup_projects/.../Data.sln'".

Really that folder is not exists in the branch, but we had it in trunc (it modificated separately). And that file is only one with property "svn:mergeinfo" and value is blank. And of course I have access to the SVN - 401 error code is very strange for me.

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Has the server been upgraded to SVN version 1.5.x? And more importantly, has the repository format been upgraded to match?

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svn - 1.5.4 And repository, i guess, has been upgraded to match (but really I don't know - admin are unavailable now) –  Brian Leahy Dec 4 '08 at 6:42

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