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I want to implement a stored procedure (within a service broker infrasturture) which calls a web service. I looked some examples from Aschenbrenner's book on Service Broker. However I don't find any with a web service call. Could anyone help?

Thanks Sqlbs

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We had a similar task at my company and figured out an optimal solution was to use asynchronous triggers with external activator which calls webservices from .NET and de-queues messages after successful call. What that meas is that you create a regular database trigger that sends a message to the service broker queue for asynchronous processing. AKA Asynchronous trigger. here is a sample from the chapter 10 of Klause's book

-- Create the trigger written with T-SQL
CREATE TRIGGER OnCustomerInserted ON Customers FOR INSERT
DECLARE @messageBody XML

SET @fromService = 'CustomerInsertedClient'
SET @toService = 'CustomerInsertedService'
SET @onContract = ''

-- Check if there is already an ongoing conversation with the TargetService
SELECT @conversationHandle = ConversationHandle FROM SessionConversations
    AND FromService = @fromService
    AND ToService = @toService
    AND OnContract = @onContract

IF @conversationHandle IS NULL
    -- We have to begin a new Service Broker conversation with the TargetService
    BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION @conversationHandle
        FROM SERVICE @fromService
        TO SERVICE @toService
        ON CONTRACT @onContract

    -- Create the dialog timer for ending the ongoing conversation
    BEGIN CONVERSATION TIMER (@conversationHandle) TIMEOUT = 5;

    -- Store the ongoing conversation for further use
    INSERT INTO SessionConversations (SPID, FromService, ToService, OnContract, ConversationHandle)

-- Construct the request message

-- Send the message to the TargetService
;SEND ON CONVERSATION @conversationHandle
MESSAGE TYPE [] (@messageBody);

Instead of using stored procedures which would call web services through managed code (internal activation) we decided that it's better to offload that processing outside of sql server. And found this nice little tool created by Microsoft - External Activator that will listen to the activation queue and launch an application when there is a new message in the queue. For implementation please refer to Klaus's Chapter 4 in the book.

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See the first example in chapter 10. If your question is about details of implementing web service calls, please tag the question with appropriate web service tags rather than service broker.

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Hi, Thank you for your notes. I looked at the example. It is about the calling of a web servie within the service broker infrastructure. What I really need is something like this: row inserted/updated to table -> insert/update trigger fires -> trigger writes message to service broker queue -> stored proc activated by SQL Server -> stored proc calls web service -> conversation ends. Any Idea? Sqlbs – user409679 Aug 24 '10 at 13:57

I would make windows service which is in the end of service broker (and call web service as in any win app). Somehow don't think calling web service from db is nice idea.

can find aout external activator here. and download service broker interface/external activator here. Service broker interface is just great! easy to use.

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