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I am using delayed_job for background tasks such as system e-mails and different timed events. I use to work off the events in my RSpec tests, but then the test out put gets littered with sh*t like:

[Worker(host:ch.local pid:24307)] RPM Monitoring DJ worker host:ch.local pid:24307 
[Worker(host:ch.local pid:24307)] acquired lock on ListingJob
[Worker(host:ch.local pid:24307)] ListingJob completed after 0.0655

I get that the output is helpful for debugging, but is there a way to silence it? I would much rather enable it when a test fails to debug, rather than always have it on.


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Try this:

worker = => nil, 
                             :min_priority => nil,
                             :quiet => true

By telling the worker to be quiet it should clean up the spam...

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Thanks. I also forked the project and added a default flag so you can set the default to be quiet in your initializers. Put in a pull request but we'll see if it gets picked up. – chrishomer Aug 4 '10 at 17:02

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