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I'm trying to build a package which has some files under /etc that are not configuration. They are included in the conffiles automatically even if I create an empty package.conffiles in the debian directory.

How can I stop dh_installdeb from doing that?

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You could provide your own debian/conffiles files only listing actual configuration files to be installed. With that, debhelper won't touch that file at all.

However, I can't quite see why you'd even want that. If the files are not configuration files, the user won't edit them, so none of the automatic conffile handling will get in your way on upgrades. Also, if they're not actually config files, I'd highly recommend to simply install them to a place other than /etc, avoiding your issue as well.

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They're configuration files, but they're managed by external services (like puppet) and I don't want upgrades to create useless .dpkg_new (or whatever they were called) files. –  viraptor Sep 19 '10 at 0:28

I’m not sure I understand rafl’s answer, but dh_installdeb as of debhelper=9.20120115ubuntu3 adds everything below /etc to conffiles nearly unconditionally: debian/conffiles adds conffiles but does not override them.

It’s possible to override manually in debian/rules. For example, in order to prevent any files from being registered as conffiles:

    find ${CURDIR}/debian/*/DEBIAN -name conffiles -delete

(of course, indentation must be hard tab)

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Judging from the current source for dh_installdeb, you are correct. rafl's answer will not work. –  Dave Jun 24 at 1:48

It's possible to define a upgrade rule at preinst script in debian/<package-name>.preinst using dpkg-maintscript-helper.

# preinst script for <package-name>

set -e

case "$1" in
      if dpkg-maintscript-helper supports rm_conffile 2>/dev/null; then
        dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile /etc/foo/conf.d/bar <Previous package version> -- "$@"


        echo "preinst called with unknown argument \`$1'" >&2
        exit 1

exit 0

More info: The right way to remove an obsolete conffile in a Debian package

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Here is what I came up with as an extension of Vasiliy's answer. It effectively does what dh_installdeb does but without automatically adding /etc files. This way you regain full control again over what files are considered conffiles and what are not.

  @echo "Recreating conffiles without auto-adding /etc files"
  @for dir in ${CURDIR}/debian/*/DEBIAN; do \
      PKG=$$(basename $$(dirname $$dir)); \
      FILES=""; \
      if [ -f ${CURDIR}/debian/conffiles ]; then \
          FILES="${CURDIR}/debian/conffiles"; \
      fi; \
      if [ -f ${CURDIR}/debian/$${PKG}.conffiles ]; then \
          FILES="$$FILES ${CURDIR}/debian/$${PKG}.conffiles"; \
      fi; \
      if [ -n "$$FILES" ]; then \
          cat $$FILES | sort -u > $$dir/conffiles; \
      elif [ -f $$dir/conffiles ]; then \
          rm $$dir/conffiles; \
      fi; \

(Of course, use REAL tabs if pasting into your rules file).

This answer uses BASH (or /bin/sh which is either symlinked to BASH or is a variant of it). There may be a way to achieve this by using only makefile internal commands, but I'm not that good with those.

This should work even when building multiple binary packages from the same source and it respects the plain debian/conffiles as well as the package-specific debian/${pkg}.conffiles.

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