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At least i think that's the problem. In my staging and production databases (both on the same server) i have a table with a text field that holds html. Some of these have web quotes, which are displayed fine.

However, locally i have my development database which is a copy of the staging database (it was copied by taking a dump of the staging db with mysqldump, dropping my local one, then pushing the staging dump file into mysql). Locally, the webquotes show up as “ (for a start webquote) in mysql.

I'm guessing this is because my local database isn't set up properly for utf-8? How do i find out for sure? And how do i fix it?

grateful for any advice - max

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Try to use mysql --default-character-set=utf8 [...] for your local import.

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thanks Turbo J, but that didn't work :( –  Max Williams Aug 5 '10 at 8:41

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