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I have used CoreData a couple of times but data modeling was very simple. This time I am supposed to implement the following:

  • User can create documents and folders (they don't have to be real folders/directories).
  • Folders can contain documents or other folders
  • Documents have:
    • 1 Title,
    • 1 Description and
    • 8 children
  • Each child also has a Title and a Description and could have 8 children (optionally)
  • This could be as many levels (recursive) as the user desires.

I am not sure how to express this in CoreData. Could someone give a hand here? Right now I think of:

"Child" entity with "Title" "Description" as attributes and "Children" as a relationship (one to many). "File" entity with "IsFolder" as a boolean attribute and "Documents" as a relationship (one to many, pointing to "Child")

I am not sure if this well implements above structure in CoreData. I am in the right path? Re-modeling data structure in CoreData could be painful (I've heard) so i would like to have a good structure from the beginning. I hope I can get some advice from you;)

Thanks in advance.

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You probably want something like this (pseudocode):



(Word of warning: Don't ever use "description" as an attribute name. NSObject has a description method so every subclass of NSObject responds to the description message. It will cause all kinds of ugly problems if you have an attribute accessor of the same name.)

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I'm working on a similar problem at the moment. I was wondering why your Document objects need children and a parent? I thought that the folder would handle those relationships. –  nevan king Apr 17 '11 at 3:47
@nevan -- It was in the design requirement of the parent post. Apparently, he is not modeling just a simple file system. For some reason, his documents can have child documents. I just provided a design that met the requirements. Your requirements may differ but the logic will be similar. –  TechZen Apr 18 '11 at 18:08

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