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Part of my "sort your development life out, Rob" push has been me taking note of the fact that I do not have a library of code snippets (and Jeff did a post too). Now I have a few, but I know I should really be working towards creating my own library to boost my productivity.

One thing I have started doing is leaving my code snippet editor open (Snippy) and whenever I realise I am writing common code, I stop and make a snippet for it.

I was just wondering what editors you guys use? There may be a better one out there and if I am missing out I so want to get in on that! :)

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I've never used one, but I've heard about Code Snippet Editor from Microsoft. This version is for VS 2005. However, there's also a VS 2008 edition.

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I accepted this answer because you seem like the only user to have ACTUALLY read the question.. Snippets of Code != Code Snippets for Visual Studio. I have +1'ed some of the other answers though as they are useful. – Rob Cooper Sep 22 '08 at 7:25
Code Snippet Editor is the best that I been able to find. Snippy is buggy and not workable, fragile. Sampe with Snippet Designer, yet it does have an nice explorer which does work. "Code Snippet Editor" with a snippet explorer would be awesome. – AMissico Jan 9 '10 at 8:08
There is also "Snipp Dogg" at <>;. It relies heavily on the Property Grid which makes editing harder than it should be. – AMissico Jan 9 '10 at 8:31
Code Snippet Editor has a VS 2010 version (actually supports multiple versions of VS now). Snippet Editor – Greg McGuffey Oct 20 '11 at 21:11

Snippet Compiler is a great little mini-IDE that's perfect for checking little code snippets.

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Snippet Compiler is a great tool, however, I have not accepted as I was looking for Code Snippet tools as in a tool to help create the XML snippets that enable you to complete code (e.g. ctor, prop etc.). +1'ed either way, SC is awesome :D – Rob Cooper Sep 22 '08 at 7:27
Doesn't answer question. – AMissico Jan 9 '10 at 13:43 it's awesome.
Apart from snippets you can query SQL databases as well
A set of small webcasts on linqpad can be found here:

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Nice app! Thanks for the heads up! – Rob Cooper Sep 22 '08 at 7:27

honestly, in reality, regardless of what I would like to think and say, my empirically tested, productive library is "search in file" and "open that project and that file I did few months ago". I say this since that is easy, real life example of something and best way to re-use. For the ones saying "yes, but you can' access easily something from 18 months ago, I will say: that is just not realistic: code older then 18 month is obsolete!

ok, but now to answer the question with the best tool I think people should try: it is cool because in one tool you can do you geeky code library, but also use it for other non geeky stuff. plus, it has cool OCR technology to help you search even pictures! (with text in them)

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I also use this Snippet Compiler, the one @moobaa linked.
I think it is really good and helpful to test "on the fly" little pieces of code, running them immediately without firing up the entire Visual Studio env; it can target different frameworks version. Try it, it is good.

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I am a bit biased since this is my project. But I use the Snippet Designer. It integrated directly inside Visual Studio and lets me highlight a section of code and just export it into a snippet editor.

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Buggy. Not workable. – AMissico Jan 9 '10 at 8:03
If you have any issues feel free to file bugs on the codeplex page. Thanks. – Matthew Manela Jan 24 '10 at 5:31
Awesome tool. I looked at lot of tools and yours is one of the easiest and coolest one! Good Job by adding wings to VS. – Manav Sharma Apr 9 '13 at 11:57

I add snippets into TextMate bundles (RSpec, Rails, etc)

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Textmate all the way for me, I'm actually creating a new bundle for use with the PHP framework that I'm now using.

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Rick Strahl recently posted a great MVC project for linking to code snippets from social networking sites:

  1. The project explanation can be found here Introducing CodePaste.NET
  2. The actual site is available at
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