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I'm using Control.PreferredSize in order to determine what the ScrollableControl.AutoScrollMinSize should be for a Form. This will need to be set whenever the control's PreferredSize property changes, but there doesn't appear to be a Control.PreferredSizeChanged event. Is there a way to detect when this property changes (possibly using Control.WndProc)? I would prefer to avoid polling the property if it can be avoided.

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You can override OnLayout or OnPaint.

    private Size m_CurrentPreferedSize;
    protected override void OnLayout(LayoutEventArgs e)
        Size newSize = PreferredSize;
        if(m_CurrentPreferedSize != newSize)
           m_CurrentPreferedSize  = newSize;
           //Your code here 

PreferredSize is calculated on every call.

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I'd rather not override OnPaint because that method is called so often. It's not clear that OnLayout is guaranteed to be called every time PreferredSize changes, but it does seem to work; I was unable to find a scenario that caused PreferredSize to change that did not also cause OnLayout to be called. –  Kevin Kibler Aug 25 '10 at 1:40

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