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I am playing around and trying to learn silverlight4. I have an existing asp.net page with and area of 600 * 400px available for my silverlight form.

My silverlight application has 2 usercontrols. The 1st usercontrol contains a listview of some data, when a user clicks on a list item I display the 2nd usercontrol.

Is it possible from the 2nd usercontrol to call a clientside function within the page so I can have a similar effect as a modal popup?

Any help would be great!!!!

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You should derive your second control from ChildWindow (and make a search on the web for examples of using ChildWindow). This control is designed to deliver this modal pattern you are after.

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Thanks Anthony thats what I am looking for. That works however my whole screen isnt a silverlight application I only have an area that the silverlight is embedded into. So when the application runs the modal view is only appearing in the area assigned to the silverlight. Can I somehow make the entire webpapge have the modal effect? –  Diver Dan Aug 3 '10 at 21:27
@diver-d: Combine this with Jeremy's suggestion any you'll have a solution. Just note that if some reason you have the windowless parameter of the silverlight plug-in set to true then you will need to make sure the plugin appears above the overlay DIV in the html z-order. –  AnthonyWJones Aug 4 '10 at 8:15

You can create the modal effect by overlaying the page with a div. Here is a tutorial for creating the modal DIV in the HTML/Javascript:


Once you it set up, whenever you wish to trigger it, simply use the DOM interaction from Silverlight to fire the overlay:

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