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I have tables:

users {id, name}
projects {id, name}
roles {id, name}
projects_users {id, user_id, project_id, role_id}

I have models:

project { has many users through projects_users }
user { has many projects through projects_users }

Question: How i get user roles for one project? Or maybe i have to reconstruct my tables?


$project = ORM::factory('project', $id);
$users = $project->users->find_all();
foreach ($users as $u) {
    $roles = $u-> .... How to get all roles for this user and for this project?
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Although I am a newbie myself, this approach may apply to your situation: stackoverflow.com/questions/3286539/… – r.crandall Oct 18 '10 at 6:39
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Your project_users table seems to be representing roles on projects, add another model which is tied to that table:

project_role { 
    has one user 
    has one role
    has one project
user {
    has many project_role
project {
    has many project_role

Then you might be able to do:

$user = ORM::factory('user')
    ->where('project_role.project_id', '=', $id)

If that doesn't work, one of the following should work, but may be a different form of traversal to what you're after.

$project = ORM::factory('project', $id);
$roles = $project->project_role->with('user')->with('role')->findall();


$roles = ORM::factory('project_role')
    ->where('project_id', '=', $id)
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