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In Emacs Lisp (elisp), if I want to get several values from the user, is there a better way than just asking for each value in turn in the minibuffer?

Ideally, there would be a library that would let me define an input form with several fields, present that form to the user (as a text-based dialog in text mode, and as a GUI-based dialog in GUI mode), and let me query the results. A text-only library would be fine too.

Is there any such library?



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There is the Emacs Widget Library. (C-h i m Widget RET for info)
You can create text fields, check boxes, buttons, etc. in an emacs buffer. In a graphical frame it is more graphical, but still in a buffer, just like in a customize buffer, which uses the widget library.

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Excellent answer, but the keybinding sequence for help doesn't work with my Emacs. I found good info at the creator's site, though. –  JasonFruit Jan 4 '12 at 22:20

What kind of values are they? You could use Customize, which has many more options than most GUI dialog boxes.

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