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MVC versus WebForms

Was curious what the main benefits of going MVC over Web Forms. I write everything in web forms currently but I already enforce a pretty strict separation on myself would I see any benefits from moving to MVC?

Currently I use jquery for my AJAX; calling Page Methods and Web Services. I typically only use the Page Load handler to load up my static content. I leverage C# in my Buisness Logic and Data Access layers which my Page Methods and Web Services call. So I am not really using much of what makes Web Forms different from MVC. Also I don't use Session variables.

My only hesitation is that the amount of inline code in the presentation layer feels dirty to me. It is subjective I know but it reminds me a lot of ASP from the limited exposure I have had to it. With how popular it seems to be becoming though I might have reached this conclusion through ignorance.

So the question is what would you consider to be the main benefit of choosing one over the other. Also I primarily write high load database driven web applications. So scalability, speed, and maintainability are my priorities.

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Take a look at this blog post on the subject. It does a really good job of covering a variety of advantages to using ASP.NET MVC over Webforms.

Why I love ASP.NET MVC

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