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With my jquery I'm trying to make the transition from a message to a loading function easy on the eyes by animate the opasity of the message out, inserting the loading.gif and animating the opacity back in. It fails.

$('#powerSearchSubmitButton').click(function(ev) {
    return false;
function startLoad() {
    $('.message').each(function(i) {
        $(this).animate({opacity: 0}, 500, function() {
            $(this).html("<img src=\"/content/pics/loadingBig.gif\" alt=\"loading\" style=\"opacity:0\"/>");
            $(this).animate({opacity: 1},500);
    return true;

When I leave out the .html() call, it works fine (except off course the image is not there; So I think that it is beacuse the html isn't inserted with opacity:0; But when I inserted it with style="opacity:0" it cannot fade back in...

What am I doing wrong?

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Try this:

$(this).fadeOut(500, function() {
     $(this).html("<img src='content/pics/loadingBig.gif' alt='loading'/>");
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This is almost exactly the code I would use, except I have had issues where the fadeIn() starts before the inside html has been fully rendered. To solve that I put the fadeIn() inside the fadeOut()'s callback function, immediately after the .html() method. – Rob McInnes Dec 4 '08 at 17:14
Yes, if you check previous answers you can see that I tried that. It still gives me an IN YOUR FACE load of the loading gif in all browsers but FF – Boris Callens Dec 5 '08 at 10:05

Apply the animation to a container instead, or use the .css() method to set the opacity (inline styles might interfere with jQuery's ability to animate the corresponding properties).

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the animation already IS on a container ( div with class "message"). – Boris Callens Dec 4 '08 at 12:47

Don't give the image style="opacity:0;" - it wont be visible while it's parent is hidden, and, as you've found out, it will remain at 0 opacity once the parent has faded back in.

You could also use jQuery's fadeIn and FadeOut functions instead of manually animating.

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thanks, fadeIn and fadeOut are indeed exactly the same. Internally they use the same as I did there. – Boris Callens Dec 4 '08 at 12:46

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