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I have an application that uses jquery tabs to open up different asp.net applications from its "menu" tab. The content of the tabs is an iframe with the application. What I need is for one of the application tabs that is inside an iframe to open a page in a new tab. I am running the apps in iis 7 with asp.net. how can I send a signal to the "tabs" application to open a new tab?

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window.parent will allow you to access the outer app.

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as @Anthony suggested you can use window.parent and window.parent.document to access objects on the parent window containing iframe, but better way will be to write a function on parent window to open new window and then call that from iframe code because it is more foolproof.

//in parent window
window.openNewWindow = function(/*ANY PARAMS*/){
                            //open window here

//in iframe

parent.window.openNewWindow(/*PARAMAS (IF ANY)*/);
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