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I have:


And let's just say I'm working off of the master branch in both folders/repos.

How can I merge the branches together?

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You must pull the commits from one repository into the other, do the merge, then pull back into the first (if you want both repositories to contain all the commits).

# switch to repo A
cd folder_a

# Add repo B as a remote repository
git remote add folderb /path/to/folder_b

# Pull B's master branch into a local branch named 'b'
git pull folderb master:b

# Merge b into A's master branch
git merge b

# Switch to repo B
cd ../folder_b

# Add repo A as a remote repository
git remote add foldera /path/to/folder_a

# Pull the resulting branch into repo B's master branch
git pull foldera master:master
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Since folder_b is not a bare repository, you shouldn't push into it. You should add folder_a as a remote and pull from it. –  mkarasek Aug 4 '10 at 6:11
You're right, of course. I updated to reflect your suggestion. –  Stephen Jennings Aug 4 '10 at 14:59

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