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I use maven to build projects and it gets stuck at repository. What is the way around it?

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If you or co-developers in the same office are re-building the same projects often, then you'll do yourself a big favour by installing a maven repository manager such as Nexus.
Change your build settings to mirrorOf(*) = maven-repo-manager, initial build will be downloaded and cached in the repo-manager, and subsequent builds will resolve artifacts superfast from the cached local repository.

See the nexus setup steps this post.

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Thanks for the tip, we just installed Artifactory – sheki Sep 21 '10 at 7:42 is actually a mirror of the central repository and you very likely have a snippet like this in your settings.xml:

  <!-- Spain, Sevilla -->

If this mirror is down, remove the above snippet and just use the central repository (or another mirror).

But at the time of writing this, it seems to just work fine.

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Maven has an option for offline build. But the dependencies that were not already downloaded for your project will not be available and hence your build will fail.

maven -o package

The second option is to remove that repository from your pom.xml and add an alternate one where your dependencies are available

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