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I am attaching onclick event on dynamically created button but the event is not firing.

var ind = location.href.indexOf('http://www.abc.com/');
function init(){
if(ind != -1){      
    var elem = document.createElement("input"); 
    elem.id ='btnGumb';
    elem.value = 'Select Check box';
    elem.type = 'button';
    elem.style.position = 'fixed';
    elem.style.left = '0px';
    elem.style.top = '0px';

    //this is not working
    elem.setAttribute('onclick', 'init();');

    //but alert is working:   elem.setAttribute('onclick', 'alert("h");');


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Use addEventListener.

elem.addEventListener('click', init, false);

Your init function isn't defined on the content page window, so you can't set the function name as a string.

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In your answer, what is the purpose of the "false" part? –  Rayz321 Apr 29 at 21:55
@Rayz321, it has to do with whether to use capture or bubbling. If you're not sure, you should generally use false/bubbling. Newer browsers allow omitting that third parameter, but I don't recommend that currently. –  Matthew Flaschen Apr 29 at 23:37
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I haven't worked with GreaseMonkey, but I'm guessing your script is in its own scope and all its variables are released after the script finishes running. Since you're defining init in this scope, but then calling it on the main page, the function is undefined when it's called.

You could put the entire function in the onclick event or trigger a callback:

if (elem.addEventListener) {
} else {

(attachEvent is IE-specific)

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