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I have a command which when executed gives following outputs

$ cleartool pwv
Working directory view: abhijeet_trialProj_r2.4-phase1_ba_abhijeet_branch
Set view: abhijeet_trialProj_r2.4-phase1_ba_abhijeet_branch

$ cleartool pwv
Working directory view: ** NONE ** 
Set view: abhijeet_trialProj_r2.4-phase1_ba_abhijeet_branch

$ ct pwv 
Working directory view: ** NONE **
Set view: ** NONE **

I am using this command "cleartool pwv" in a shell script.

view_used=`cleartool pwv`

Thus $view_used is assigned the string "Working directory view: ** NONE ** Set view: abhijeet_trialProj_r2.4-phase1_ba_abhijeet_branch"

I need to retrieve two values from $view_used such that

working_dir_view="** NONE **" or "abhijeet_trialProj_r2.4-phase1_ba_abhijeet_branch"

set_view = "** NONE **" or "abhijeet_trialProj_r2.4-phase1_ba_abhijeet_branch"

Could some body help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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if you have awk,

var=$(cleartool pwv |awk -F":" '/Working directory view/{
}/Set view/{s=$2}
  print t,s
set -- $var
echo $1
echo $2

with shell(bash) scripting

while IFS=":" read -r a b
  case "$a" in
   *"Working directory"* ) w="$b";;
   *"Set view"* ) s="$b";;
done <"file1"
echo "$w"
echo "$s"
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Assuming they're always of that format (two lines, same order, colon separator):

working_view="$(ct pwv | head -1 | sed 's/[^:]*: //')"
set_view="$(ct pwv | tail -1 | sed 's/[^:]*: //')"

If you must use ${view_used} (in other words, if you don't want to call the ClearCase tool twice), simply substitute it as follows:

working_view="$(echo "${view_used}" | head -1 | sed 's/[^:]*: //')"
set_view="$(echo "${view_used}" | tail -1 | sed 's/[^:]*: //')"
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If you have awk:

working_dir_view=$(cleartool pwv | awk '
  /Working directory view/ {gsub(/.*:\s+/,"");print $0}
set_view=$(cleartool pwv | awk '
  /Set view/ {gsub(/.*:\s+/,"");print $0}

If you really want to do it from a string in the variable:

working_dir_view=$(echo $view_used | awk '
  /Working directory view/ {gsub(/.*:\s+/,"");print $0}
set_view=$(echo $view_used | awk '
  /Set view/ {gsub(/.*:\s+/,"");print $0}

In a script file it's probably more maintainable to refactor them as a function:

    echo $2 | awk "/$1 view/ {gsub(/^.*:[ \t]+/,\"\");print\$0}"

So now you can do:

working_dir_view=`getView "Working directory" "$view_used"`
set_view=`getView Set "$view_used"`
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