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I had two domains for ex. domain1 and domain2, I am opening domain2/index.aspx page as popup from domain1/default.aspx page. While closing domain2 page i need to reload the domain1 page, i had given the javascript code as "Opener.Location.Reload();". I am getting Permission denied javascript error. Any ideas about this issue.

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as a minor nit-picky thing, that should be opener.location.reload(); (all lower case) –  scunliffe Dec 4 '08 at 13:18

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I found that setting a parentUrl variable in the popup window (gotten from a query string) and then using :

window.opener.location.href = parentUrl;


I don't know why, I think it's magic, but it works (tested on IE, chrome and Firefox). You cannot read the value of window.opener.location.href, but you can set it to whatever url you want. I use this oddity to do the refresh.

Hope it helps

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Certain properties and actions are specifically blocked in cross-domain scenarios. What you might be able to do is create a function on the parent that does the code you want, then call that function from the child.


// On the parent...
function DoTheRefresh()

Then, on the child:


I have done this in the past, so I don't know for sure if it's still an option. I hope it works out for you :)

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You can accomplish this by putting code in the parent window to detect when the child window has closed.

var win2;

function openWindow()
  win2 = window.open('http://...','childwindow',...);

function checkChild() {
  if (win2.closed) {
  } else setTimeout("checkChild()",1);
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