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i don't know how i can create a video player like this website. i can develop .net and flex applications but can't flash. where should i start?

if i develop it with flex, can i use it in an asp.net website? i know i can use it with php sites but not sure about asp.net.

thank you so much for your opinions. best regards

this is the site :


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you should learn flash if u want that, the language behind it does not matter you can use asp.net, php, perl, python. –  Prix Aug 4 '10 at 8:45

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LongTail has some Free Player with many skins:


Or if you like to buy one look here:

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Yep, it looks like the Longtail video player. Very good player.

There is also http://www.videojs.com which we use for our Video CMS at http://hellovideoapp.com

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Welcome to Stack Overflow! Generally, links to a tool or library should be accompanied by usage notes, a specific explanation of how the linked resource is applicable to the problem, or some sample code, or if possible all of the above. –  Nathan Tuggy Apr 6 at 2:55

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