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Is it possible to figure out just wich type of event triggered $(window).unload();? To be a bit more specific, I'm only interested in the event when a user has closed the window (a popup), not when he's just navigating away from the current page.

I've looked into the event parameter passed to the callback of unload(); but there doesn't seem to be anything in that object, that'll be of use.

Does anybody know a solution to this?


$(function() {
    $(window).unload(function(event) {
        // This is obviously pseudo code. Help me fix it!
        if(event.type == 'closing') { // I had expected something along these lines to work
            // Do stuff before the window closes
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No, to my knowledge this is not possible. The document only learns that it is about to be unloaded. Why, is the browser's business.

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It seems that you are correct. Will just have to try a different approach then ;) – peterfarsinsen Aug 10 '10 at 7:48

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