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The coding language is C#3.0
What is the most optimum method to retrieve all hashtable keys into string separated by a delimiter ","
Is the for loop or the foreach loop the only option?

Update: the keys are already strings


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Are the keys strings already? i.e. is it a Dictionary<string, foo>? –  tzaman Aug 4 '10 at 11:03

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Do you really mean a non-generic Hashtable? You could use LINQ, assuming that's available to you:

string keys = string.Join(",", table.Keys.Cast<object>()
                                         .Select(x => x.ToString())

There may be faster ways, but that's the way I'd go for the sake of readability. Only micro-optimize when you've proved it's a bottleneck.

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thanks jon.. even so it will type cast even if its an object.. just great... –  naveen Aug 4 '10 at 11:07

You can also use the IDictionaryEnumerator:

IDictionaryEnumerator enum = table.GetEnumerator();
while (enum.MoveNext())
   text += enum.Key + ", ";
   text += enum.Value + "\n";
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