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I am currently facing a serious problem. I use the standard django admin interface incl. change list to display one of my models. The model has got a field, which includes a link (e.g. in database: link).

What I want now is that this string is rendered unescaped and displayed as link. I already tried the following in "change_list_results.html":

{% for result in results %}
<tr id="{{ result.1|adminfilter }}" class="{% cycle 'row1' 'row2' %}">
    {% for item in result %}
        {{ item|safe }}
    {% endfor %}</tr>
{% endfor %}

I used "|safe" on the actual item that is output. Furthermore i tried "{% autoescape off %}". Same result, the String got escaped.

Do you see any other way to get the String displayed unescaped?

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You want to set allow_tags=True on your method. It's a bit hidden, but it is described in the documentation - about a screen or so down from where this link takes you.

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Daniel, thanks for the hint. I had to define a method in the model which returns the link and mark this method.allow_tags = True. – Michael S Aug 4 '10 at 11:28
Because the link, answer still correct. But allow_tags is deprecated in Django 1.9. Use format_html() instead: Deprecated since version 1.9: In older versions, you could add an allow_tags attribute to the method to prevent auto-escaping. This attribute is deprecated as it’s safer to use format_html(), format_html_join(), or mark_safe() instead..… – gabrieloliveira Feb 24 at 20:03

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