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I'm currently developing a web application designed for the administration of vending machines and such. I decided to use jQuery, jQuery UI and jqGrid for this project, so I can easily provide a great and highly customizable user interface.
Unfortunately, the jqGrid documentation is pretty outdated and doesn't cover all the features of this great plug-in (cause I do really like it, even though the documentation is rather poor).

Anyway, enough background information, I suppose. Let's get to the point:
I use the navbar which is built-in to jqGrid to Add, Edit and Delete items from the grid.
I've got this working like a charm, except for one thing: some fields may only be enabled (or visible) when adding a new item and not when in editing-mode (they should be hidden and/or disabled).

The company I'm working for sells vending towers and there are several types (different sizes and stuff) of these towers. When a new tower is added to a location and entered into the system, the type must be set. But the tower doesn't magically change over time, so this field may not be edited later on.

Does anyone know if this behavior can be accomplished by changing some initialization parameters?
Perhaps it's an undocumented edit-option (editoptions) or form-option (formoptions)?
Or maybe you've got a simple solution for this?

I'd love to hear your suggestion / solutions!
Thanks =)

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You can implement your requirements in different ways. For example, inside of beforeShowForm event you can hide or show the

    colModel: [
        { name: 'Name', width: 200, editable: true },

}).jqGrid('navGrid','#pager', { edit: true, add: true, del: false},
          { // edit option
              beforeShowForm: function(form) { $('#tr_Name', form).hide(); }
          { // add option
              beforeShowForm: function(form) { $('#tr_Name', form).show(); }

where the id "tr_Name" is constructed from "tr_" prefix and "Name" - the name property of the column from the colModel.

UPDATED: In the answer and in another one are shown one more way how the properties can be changed dynamically immediately before the editing will be initialized.

UPDATED 2: Free jqGrid allows to define editable as callback function or as "disabled", "hidden" or "readonly". See the wiki article. It allows to implement the same requirements more easy.

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Thanks, works perfectly! – Arno Moonen Aug 4 '10 at 13:56
Thanks for the info. Additionally if you want to hide the column in the grid but show in add or edit form then use hidden: true in colModel and in beforeShowForm use show() method. – Tareq May 18 '11 at 6:59
@Tareq: You are welcome! – Oleg May 18 '11 at 9:40
Thanks for the solution. I have a additional small question: the hidden field in edit modal form, is set required in add modal form, so at edit the client side validation tell me: Field is required. – Cargo Dec 16 '11 at 14:32
@Cargo: Sorry, but I can't understand your question. Could you ask the question in other words? Do you need to change the value of required property of the editrules? Inside of beforeShowForm you should be able to do this. – Oleg Dec 16 '11 at 16:50

To make the field editable or not, this is what I wound up coding after searching for an answer for a while (to disable editing on in-row edit, but allow it on 'Add') and not finding the answer I needed:

colModel :[ 
    {name:'id', index:'id', editable:false, ...

        {}, // edit
            beforeInitData: function(formid) {
            afterShowForm: function (formid) {
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Here is an example:

                  beforeShowForm: function(form) {
                     $('#tr_Name', form).hide();
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Hi josemaria, can you tell me how can I add this aditional information label? Where Have i to put this code? Thanks. – bombai Nov 23 '12 at 16:00

Visible but not editable:

{ // edit option
    beforeShowForm: function(form) {
        $('#col_name', form).attr("disabled", true);
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