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I have a UIComponent that is binded to a backing bean. I'd like to add a child to the component that corresponds to the ui:include tag, through my backing bean's init method.

for example:

    <ui:include src="/page.xhtml" />

I want to create this in my backing bean like:

<p:tab binding="${}" /> 

So basicly i'm looking for the corresponding UIComponent class for the ui:include, so i can add this as a child to my tab property.



I'm now trying with faceletContext.includeFacelet :)

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i have read this thread 20 time and i couldn't find the solution at first so here are my additional comment for it after i found the right way:

FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
FaceletFactory defaultFactory = ApplicationAssociate.getInstance(facesContext.getExternalContext()).getFaceletFactory();
Facelet facelet = defaultFactory.getFacelet(xhtmlUrl);

Then i have created a FaceletHandler to add the component.

Another solution was :

FaceletContext faceletContext = (FaceletContext) facesContext.getAttributes().get(FaceletContext.FACELET_CONTEXT_KEY);
faceletContext.includeFacelet(parentComponent, xhtmlUrl); 
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Ok, it's working :) Get the faceletContext from facescontext:

FaceletContext faceletContext = (FaceletContext) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getAttributes().get(FaceletContext.FACELET_CONTEXT_KEY);
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