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Does anybody know if there are any solution like 'Hibernate History API' for entity framework. If no, may be there are some history tracking practise/patterns applied to EF. I'm newbie to EF so far. Any refs are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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EF version 4 has Self Tracking Entities. They track their changes and can be attached back to a different context to be saved.

This is new to EF. The first version did not have this functionality.

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I don't need diff context. I mean that i need snapshot of the object's previous state. If i going to STE then i lose some features such as lazy loading and others. –  AndrewG Aug 5 '10 at 11:46
Furthermore, It's just another one implementation for the generation of the objects with built-in abilities to track changes in most for remoting. My question was if there are some features in EF akin to 'Hibernate History API' with handy APIs to track changes. Or may be there are some third party providers. Anyway thanks. –  AndrewG Aug 5 '10 at 12:13

There is also ObjectContext.SavingChanges. You can handle this and then walk the modified/etc. members in ObjectStateManager.

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If you are asking for a roll back feature then it is not supported. However you have the option to retrieve the original and current value of a property and relationship. For instance for customer i would do this

db.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntry(customer).CurrentValues["Name"] db.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntry(customer).Original["Name"]

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