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I am looking to create a cv bank which when i think about it in terms of storing the data in a relational database the complexity is pretty apparent. Would couchdb make better sense in this case?

example of things i would be storing

each a 1 to many relationships with user education, qualifications, employment, awards, languages, skills, licenses, assosations

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CouchDB is a good option, but remember to also use Lucene, which you can feed off CouchDB using couchdb-lucene (http://github.com/rnewson/couchdb-lucene) as more probably than not you'll want to search that CV bank.

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However without knowing your project in detail, you should consider storing everything about an individual person inside one document. You will find it much easier to work with.

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kindly, i thought CouchDB is perfect for your project, as CV and Resume in its abstract views is documents.

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