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Let's say that I want to count the number of "o" characters in the text


My first thought was to do grep -c o, but this returns 2, because grep returns the number of matching lines, not the total number of matches. Is there a flag I can use with grep to change this? Or perhaps I should be using awk, or some other command?

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This will print the number of matches:

echo "oooasdfa
oasoasgo" | grep -o o | wc -l
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Was just getting ready to put that, the grep -o parameter displays each match instead of the matching line. However you cannot use -c and -o together to count the characters, you must pipe it to wc. –  Brandon Horsley Aug 4 '10 at 13:46

you can use the shell (bash)

$ var=$(<file)
$ echo $var
oooasdfa oasoasgo
$ o="${var//[^o]/}"
$ echo ${#o}


$ awk '{m=gsub("o","");sum+=m}END{print sum}' file
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