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readers (girl) and readers (boy),

I have a slighly f%*#@ probelm with Apache Tiles 2.1, I work with :

  • Struts
  • Apache Tiles 2.1
  • Spring 3.0.3
  • Spring Security 3.0.3

My problem is : Apache Tiles does not work on each JSPs, it seems to have problem with

<tiles:insertAttribute name="body" />

This insert no data. When i see the generated result i can see :

<table id="tilecontent">
         <sec:authorize access="hasRole('USER') and !hasRole('TESTER')"> 
            <td class="menu">
            <div id="nav"><tiles:insertAttribute name="menu" ignore="false"/></div>
        <div id="targetSynthese">

        <div id="ariane"><tiles:insertDefinition name="ariane" ignore="false"/></div>
                <td class="errorMessage autoHeight"><tiles:insertDefinition name="error" /></td>
                <td><tiles:insertAttribute name="body" ignore="false"/></td>

But when i refresh the page is loaded and tiles too.

The problem come from usage of sx:a in the "menu" tiles, when i remove them the page loaded correctly on the first time.

Are there any interactions possible with spring security ?

Regards, Thanks for all.

EDIT : Struts 2 JIRA https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WW-2950

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Well, what does your JSP look like, and what about your tiles definitions xml? How are you wiring these up together in Spring? –  matt b Aug 4 '10 at 14:24
This bug is open on Apache Struts 2 Jira : issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WW-2950 –  Zenithar Aug 5 '10 at 10:17

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I have resolved my problem. It seems to be introduced by Spring Security

I have removed INCLUDE in filtering dispatcher :

    <!-- <dispatcher>INCLUDE</dispatcher> -->

And add once-per-request="false" to my applicationContext

<sec:http access-denied-page="/accessDenied.jsp"
    use-expressions="true" auto-config="false"
    lowercase-comparisons="false" **once-per-request="false"** realm="Pouet">
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