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I have a MediaElement where the source is bound to some data

<MediaElement Source='{Binding Something}' />

What is the simplest way to have the video repeat? Ideally, MediaElement would have a repeat behavior property.

<MediaElement RepeatBehavior='Forever' ... />

But I can't find such a property.

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You need to add a Storyboard to the MediaElement. See the example below:

<MediaElement Name="myMediaElement" >
        <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="MediaElement.Loaded">

                <!-- The MediaTimeline has a RepeatBehavior="Forever" which makes the media play
                     over and over indefinitely.-->
                <MediaTimeline Source="media\tada.wav" Storyboard.TargetName="myMediaElement"  
                 RepeatBehavior="Forever" />

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I made it work by setting the UnloadedBehavior to MediaState.Manual and the following code:

private void mediaElement_OnMediaEnded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    mediaElement.Position = new TimeSpan(0,0,1);

Setting the position to Zero didnt work...

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I came to this question in-order to answer the very same answer so I must mention that setting the position to TimeSpan.Zero works out just fine. –  MasterMastic May 2 '13 at 6:07
I tested my self and find that is working fine with TimeSpan.Zero. Nice Ken –  akatran Nov 19 '13 at 13:25

I know it's a little late, but I couldn't get to work the example from MSDN. So after research I've found this project: WPF Media Kit, just click at the Browse link in the Latest Version at the right side of the screen. You'll enter the code of the sample application. I liked this library because a loop was as simple as:

MediaUriElement MyPlayer.Loop = True;

or <DirectShowControls:MediaUriElement x:Name="MyPlayer" Loop="True" />

Hope this helps someone else.


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