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I need to render HTML dynamically, without touching the server side. It seems like JQuery is a good solution. Please note I am using HTCs.

Does having the HTML/HTC controls render in steps rather than all at once raise performance concerns? If not, is there a property I can set on a page (IE-6 through IE-8 compatible) that will tell that page, literally, store the HTML, do not waste time rendering the content at all?

        case "a":
        $("#mydiv").append("<a large amount of nested HTML, in string format, with dynamic IDs />")
            $("#SomeDynamicID").append("<a bunch more html>")

            $("#mydiv").wrapInner("<CUTEWRAPPER />")
            //cutewrapper is defined by some HTC and probably and hopefully has the same performance ramifications as inline javascript>")
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Why would you do this? If you want to generate HTML, wouldn't that be simpler to do it server-side? –  marcgg Aug 4 '10 at 15:13
As I said, I need to generate HTML without doing it server-side. But to answer your question it depends on your definition of simple. It should run faster to the end user but in practice it would be a nightmare to implement while adhering to my company's mandatory development practices (namely, the dynamic HTML required is so complex that my brain would explode if I tried to do it in XSL -- I'd resort to javascript anyway -- and that would waste time I don't have for a number of other reasons). –  John Aug 4 '10 at 15:18

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