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I want to experiment with network programming in Haskell. The problem I have is that the documentation for the network package is pretty scarce, especially the one for Network.Socket which I want to use.

Do you know of some other references or clearly written projects where I can see how to use it? Are there any good alternatives to network?

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From a quick glance, Network.Socket appears to be little more than a wrapper around the standard Berkeley sockets API, so I imagine the documentation for it is scarce because there's already plenty of material for using the same API out there. – C. A. McCann Aug 4 '10 at 15:25

Network.Socket is just bindings to the Berkeley socket API. You should read Beej's Guide to network programming.

EDIT: If you're on *nix then see the man pages for socket, bind, listen, accept, connect, recv, send and family. No matter your OS, there are also some higher level packages on Hackage (ex: network-fancy, network-server) you should look at if all you want to do is communicate (and not get involved in the gritty details).

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Chapter 27 of ``Real World Haskell'' introduces networking in Haskell.

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