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In the Winforms RichTextBox control I have previously used the GetLineFromCharIndex method and the GetFirstCharIndexOfCurrentLine to work out the start and end points of the typed text on he current line.

I am struggling with the new RichTextBox control in Silverlight 4 as there doesn't appear to be equivalent methods. GetPositionFromPoint is available but seems a but clunky.


Updated...I have gone someway to making this work but this requires me to use the Select method of the control, this feels very wrong...

private string GetCurrentLine()
    TextPointer prevSelStart = richTextBox1.Selection.Start;
    Point lineStart = new Point(0, prevSelStart.GetCharacterRect(LogicalDirection.Forward).Y);
    TextPointer prevSelEnd = richTextBox1.Selection.End;
    TextPointer currentLineStart = richTextBox1.GetPositionFromPoint(lineStart);

    //need to find a way to get the text between two textpointers
    //other than performing a temporary selection in the rtb
    richTextBox1.Selection.Select(currentLineStart, prevSelStart);
    string text = richTextBox1.Selection.Text;
    //revert back to previous selection
    richTextBox1.Selection.Select(prevSelStart, prevSelEnd);

    return text;
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I don't think you can't avoid the selection, it's a proper way to do it (the "selection" is just a logical one), but you can avoid GetPositionFromPoint with TextPointer.GetNextInsertionPosition(LogicalDirection ): Start from richTextBox1.Selection.Start and move towards the beginning of the line (char != '\n')

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My concern with this approach is that is fires the SelectionChanged event twice artificially. To overcome this I need to unsubscribe the event subscribers temporarily. Ugly. – Jon Simpson Aug 13 '10 at 11:01

I've needed to figure out when I was on the top line or bottom line of the RTB. To do this I used the GetCharacterRect methods then compared the tops to see if it was on the last line or first line.

You could do the same and use a text pointer to move through the text and number of times the tops don't match.

Here's code to see if the cursor is on the first or last lines:

    private bool IsCursorOnFirstLine()
        TextPointer contentStart = this.ContentStart;
        TextPointer selection = this.Selection.End;
        Rect startRect = contentStart.GetCharacterRect(LogicalDirection.Forward);
        Rect endRect = selection.GetCharacterRect(LogicalDirection.Forward);
        return startRect.Top == endRect.Top;

    private bool IsCursorOnLastLine()
        TextPointer start = this.Selection.Start;
        TextPointer end = this.ContentEnd;
        Rect startRect = start.GetCharacterRect(LogicalDirection.Forward);
        Rect endRect = end.GetCharacterRect(LogicalDirection.Backward);
        return startRect.Top == endRect.Top;
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